About Me

Who am I

I think it is time to update this page. Hello, my name is Justin. About a year ago someone gave me the “great” idea to write a travel blog. I was already writing a small restaurant review site in Charlotte North Carolina, but a lot of people noticed I travelled a lot. So when it was recommended by several people I add a travel blog I thought “what a great idea, how hard can it be”! Well here I am amiss the thousands of site already out there. Now that I started this site I can’t seem to stop. I feel like I have a unique perspective for two reasons

1) I am not a Nomad– Almost everyone site I read people are living out of hostels in Moscow or typing a post from a Starbucks in Machu Picchu.  I have an regular, terrible office job, a wonderful wife and home. My wife doubles as my editor, so if all of sudden you find yourself looking up words in the dictionary while reading my post, that is her touch. I do travel, anywhere and everywhere I get a chance to. Finding a normal life/travel balance makes my views different than most.

2) I have original voice– I like to add honesty and humor to my posts. Yes, I want them to be informative, but also true. I don’t love everything and I will let it be known. For the most part I am respectful (well I may less than to Charlotte, NC). Too many times people share the world with rose pedal filled glasses, I can be a bit more cynical. I give an honest review of each city I visit and it is always pretty. Take a look a my review of Istanbul I show both the positive and negatives of the city. This kind of honest isn’t always appreciated (go to Reddit and read Maninflight.com comments), but it is needed.

How did I start Travelling?

In my first 35 years my travel experience was very limited, then a lightbulb went off, I realized I was letting life pass me by. I was born and raised in New York and I live in the South currently, I knew these areas well, but at the time was limited in my exploration.  One day it occurred to me that, as an adult I never travelled out of the country. To make matters worse, besides the occasional trip to Las Vegas, Nevada, I hadn’t even adequately explored the United States either. So on a whim I planned a trip to Asia and have been roaming ever since. Since that time my life has changed, I met my wife who luckily shares the same passion for exploration I do. We began planning our first adventure to Prague only six weeks into our relationship and are slowly making our way around the globe.  So far our focus has been on Europe and North America, but we won’t stop until we left our mark all of the Earth (and possible space when that becomes available)

Why Do I Travel?

I may be a little obsessive in the fact that I don’t want to miss anything in this world. I don’t want to leave one thing on the table, no food uneaten, no sight unseen, no experience missed. In my opinion you can either live your rut watching TV letting one day slip into the next (maybe going to a familiar beach or mountain once a year) or you can see the world. There is something magically about travelling, being in a foreign in place, where you can’t read the street signs, do not know the customs or recognize the currency. Travel to me represents escaping your comfort zone and living life. It helps you grow as a person and puts distance between you and your problems at home. 

What I hope to accomplish?

When I go away I do an overwhelming amount of research on my destination. Sometimes I found the information to be repetitive and lacking, which was another inspiration to start my own site. My desire for this site is to document my journeys and hopefully pass some useful information to those who find it. I will pass on as many trip reports, location overviews and travel tips that I can jot down. This site, like travel, is a journey not a destination…. as mentioned I have not travelled the entire globe, but when I do I will pass on the information to you. I will also touch on many of the things that go into travel such as financing, planning for, and packing for your trips. Along with answers to question you did not think to ask. Please enjoy my site and ask anything you would like.